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Research in a Changing World

>Research in a Changing World

In this era of digital revolution and intensive development of information technologies, advertisers and their marketing consultants have progressively integrated a social or even collaborative dimension into their communication strategies and plans. However, in the domain of market research, this approach is still somewhat hesitant. There have been some attempts to engage the collaboration of experts (anyone who claims to be an expert in one or domain or another) in the process of conversation or co-creation, but this is still minimal and more often than not is viewed as being experimental.

AQ Rate: A Research 3.0 Company

AQ Rate: A Research 3.0 Company

AQ Rate is a new generation of market research organizations: it follows the trend of evolution towards a more participative approach. AQ Rate places the respondent at the very center of a triangular relationship that brings together the respondent, the client and the market research organization. The respondent’s role is no longer limited to answering, even conscientiously, to skilful questions formulated in order to respond to the hypotheses developed by “those in the know”.

AQ Rate’s wish is to be free of the shackles and models which are by definition rigid. We want to explore new pathways and propose new methods which are more collaborative, and through which participants will find a greater opportunity to express themselves spontaneously and thereby highlight really pertinent information resulting from their own “real life” experiences at such times when they were actually in the very context being featured.

A 360° Approach by AQ Rate

A 360° Approach by AQ Rate
  • Proposing innovative approaches and a questioning mode
  • Choosing the best mix of data collection methodology
  • Offering reliable tools and highly skilled people
  • Combining the most accurate methodologies and techniques
  • Getting closer to respondents
  • Using the most appropriate techniques to analyze figures
  • Breaking the rules and inventing new standards

In order to provide relevant results and the best consumer insights in the most efficient way.